Alongside the ARABAL conference there will be a two-day, international exhibition. The ARABAL exhibition gathers the biggest names in the aluminium sector from across the globe. Featuring specialists from the complete industry spectrum – upstream, midstream and downstream, the exhibition is free for visitors to attend.


To book a stand please contact:

Sally El-Ghonaimy
Business Development Manager
+44 203 463 1026


ARABAL 2019 exhibition opening times:
Wednesday, 20th November 2019 10:00 – 17:00
Thursday, 21st November 2019 09:00 – 15:00
Entry to the ARABAL exhibition is completely free of charge and gives you access to the biggest names in the aluminum industry, from the complete upstream and downstream process.




Raw Materials

  • Raw materials, Primary metal products, Semi-finished products, Semi-fabricates
  • Raw materials, Working materials, Supplies
  • Primary metal products, Remelted products
  • Granulates, Powder, Paste, Wool, Foam
  • Semi-finished products, semi-fabricates
  • Castings
  • Thixoforming
  • Powder metallurgy

Aluminium products for special application

  • Building and construction
  • Road transport (cars, HGVs, buses)
  • Rail, water, air transport
  • Electrical engineering & electronics
  • Mechanical & general engineering
  • Design oriented applications
  • Factory equipment
  • Packaging
  • Apparatus and container construction

Surface Treatment

  • Special surface treatment for aluminium products
  • Equipment, materials, consumables and accessories for surface treatment technology and corrosion protection

Light-metal trade and Recycling

  • Light-metals trade, general
  • Light-metals trade in special products
  • Aluminium recycling
  • Treatment and recycling of industrial waste

Plant, machinery and accessories and equipment for aluminium extraction, processing and refining

  • Raw materials processing
  • Primary reduction
  • Melting, casting, heat treatment and reheating technology (incl. furnaces)
  • Refractories and insulation
  • Rolling mill technology
  • Extrusion and drawing
  • Forging and extrusion moulding
  • Sheet fabrication technology
  • Sawing and cutting
  • Machining
  • Metal construction work
  • Joining technology
  • Strip and foil processing, foil finishing and packaging technology
  • Environmental and ecological protection
  • Tool, die and mould making
  • General factory
  • Measurement and testing
  • Scrap processing, recovery, reclamation, processing and recycling
  • Stockholding equipment and systems
  • Tube production
  • Mechanical handling
  • Jobbing, Jobbing services, sub-contractors

Services, Consultancy

  • Software for process simulation, computer programmes
  • Engineering services
  • Energy services
  • Consultancy / Project Management
  • Prototyping, Additive Manufacturing
  • Expert opinions
  • Technology transfer

Information, Education, Others

  • Information
  • Education, training
  • Research
  • Publishing
  • Associations
  • Events
  • Protective Equipment and Clothing


Book your stand to join the biggest names in the aluminium industry and meet with hundreds of potential customers.

Benefits of exhibiting include;

  • Showcase new products and technology
  • Strengthen your presence within the aluminium market
  • Meet face-to-face with buyers and investors
  • Keep up-to-date with other industry product development and innovations
  • Take advantage of excellent networking opportunities


SPACE ONLY – $495 / m2 (Minimum 15m2) Includes exhibition space, security, cleaning, catalogue entry and website listing.


SHELL SCHEME – $540 / m2 (Minimum 9m2) Includes exhibition floor space, rear and side walls, fascia, carpet, electricity connection and consumption, cleaning, security, catalogue entry, website listing as well as 1 table, 2 chairs and 1 plug socket (per every 9sqm).


To book a stand, please contact Sally El-Ghonaimy.


Sally El-Ghonaimy
Business Development Manager
+44 203 463 1026


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