The GAC is a coordinating body that represents, promotes and protects the interests of the aluminium industry within the Gulf. The council’s main objectives are to provide a forum to develop strategies for common issues and concerns facing the aluminium industry in the region, and to share best practices so as to improve the efficiency of the industry.


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Aluminium International Today is an English language journal dedicated to the production and processing of aluminium. It contains a digest of global news, events, and statistics as well as more detailed technical articles, company and country profiles, conference reports and regular regional economic briefings.


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Light Metal Age has a long legacy in the aluminum industry with 75 years of experience covering primary and secondary production, extrusion, and rolling. They provide vital technical, industrial, and market information to aluminum producers and processors around the world.


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Aluminium Insider

Aluminium Insider is an independent news site dedicated to bringing noteworthy and timely news, features and events on the global aluminium industry and its developments. Our aim is to become one of the top sources of information on all things aluminium and attract a wide range of industry stakeholders –  experts, businesses, managers, journalists – to read, share and contribute content.

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International ALUMINIUM Journal

Aluminium International Journal

International ALUMINIUM Journal deals with all facets of aluminium’s value chain from the production of the metal via its processing through to recycling. The editorial focus is on smelting and semis production including the suppliers of plant, equipment and technology. Consideration is given to economic, technical and environmental/ecological topics as well as other aspects that affect

the metal and its product applications in the different target markets. Aluminium relevant research articles from companies and institutes are also published. The publication is thus of particular interest to smelters and remelters, semis producers, foundries, fabricators and converters, metal traders, semis stockholders and research facilities. International ALUMINIUM Journal is distributed worldwide.

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Aluminium Times

Published five times a year, Aluminium Times’ unique selling point is the magazine’s news pages which can number up to 16 pages each issue.

Aluminium Times is targeted at the primary and secondary aluminium producers, extruders and rolling mills as well as other fabricators such as forgers and large sand and diecasting foundries

The editorial policy is to feature and promote the supply sector. New products, latest company developments, people and contracts won as well as articles highlighting people and company works write-ups.

Recent features include personality profiles, company profiles, new patents, working day in the life of…

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AL Circle draws its essence from the concept of a Virtual Aluminium Ecosystem. It is an information and business portal for the global aluminum industry that covers the whole eco-system and value chain of aluminum. It covers the industry starting from bauxite mining to alumina refining and goes to aluminum smelting, finished and semi-finished products and recycling. The portal lets you access news, event information, price update, directory data and business, service and HR leads along the five verticals of the aluminum industry…all on a single platform!

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